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Wedgetail Court – Construction 3

In this video the bedroom wing has been completed with the roof installed. The main structure has the sub level and ground level completed. The blockwork for the top floor has been completed and the suspended slabs that create the roof over the decks have been formed up with the steel being installed ready for the concrete pour.


Thyme – Eli Waters

Thyme is an ongoing project, Ivan Tuohy Constructions has currently built 70 homes within the development.



The Anchorage is an ongoing project, Ivan Tuohy Constructions has currently built 50 homes within the development.


Wedgetail Court – Construction 2

This video was taken when the caravan garage structure was complete. This consisted of core filled block walls and a suspended slab roof. The main house has the walls completed for the sub level. The walls were core filled block work which have been waterproofed on the outside where the ground will be backfilled against the structure. The formwork has begun for the slab on the ground floor.


Wedgetail Court – Construction 1

This video was completed at base stage. The site has had the earthworks completed and the footing system installed. The caravan garage block walls have been constructed, they are placed on a suspended concrete slab which has a blockwork water tank below the slab.